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Get help with what and where to shop using our apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. It's all based on this week's catalogs and deals from stores near you.

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Inspiration from catalogs

Catalogs are a great source of inspiration. You can read catalogs in all sorts of categories: groceries, electronics, do-it-yourself, cross-border, beauty, interior, and much more.

Your digital mailbox

If you have a favorite store, you can subscribe and get notified when new catalogs arrive. You can call it your digital mailbox. And it's never delayed no matter how the weather is.

Search for deals

If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can search for it. You can search for a category like soda or coffee or you can be very brand specific too. You can search for anything you want.

Offer agent

Like the digital mailbox, you can save searches and get notified when new deals on your search arrive. For example, you can make a search agent on coffee and be notified. Then you don't have to open the app and search manually.

Plan using a shopping list

We recommend using the shopping list in the app so you never forget anything. You can manually add exactly what you want and add deals straight from a catalog to it. You can also collaborate with other people in the household with a shared shopping list.

The app remembers what you've added before so it's quick to add them for your next shopping trip.

Download eTilbudsavis for:

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